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SLIGLOW ‘Building Bridges’ in Regensburg, Germany

SLIGLOW ‘Building Bridges’ in Regensburg, Germany

October 21st, 2009  |  Published in News


Kuenstlerhaus-Andreas-Stadel, Regensburg, Germany, 25th October

The Andreas-Stadel-Building is an historic achitectural monument dating from 1634 situated in the world heritage medieval town of Regensburg.

Close to the river Danube, the building was used for trading and storing salt up until the 19th century. Extensive renovations were completed in 2003 under guidance Mr Albert Payer of the architecture firm DPW Regensburg.

The “Kuenstlerhaus” is now a meeting place for artists and cultural activities. Artists studios, a small cinema, a gallery, private art school (Akademie Regensburg) and a coffee shop are now located in the historical building.

The Andreasstadel Kuenstlerhaus is taking part in “Kulturtag 2009” (Culture Day), which is organised by the Regensburg Kulturamt (Arts Service). Various institutions throughout the town, will create and participate in this event in their own independent way.

The Andreas-Stadel’s title for this year’s Open Studios and Exhibitions celebrating Culture Day is ’Brueckenschlag’ which translates as ’Building Bridges’.

Patricia Doherty, an Irish artist resident at the studios has taken this title to heart and has invited a team of collaborating Sligo, Ireland-based artists to show their work for this Kulturtag event.

As Sligo has recently hosted its first Culture Night in Ireland, the artists will show photographs from their SLIGLOW event, in which they invited

people of all ages to work alongside the artists to create a site-specific installation of light, line and projection on the magnificent glass facade of The Glasshouse Hotel in Sligo. The event was presented by artists Tinka Bechert, Lisa Vandegrift Davala and Vanya Lambrecht Ward.

Special thanks to Darren Carr for some magnificient photographs.

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