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SLIGLOW2 2010 Poster

We’d like to say a special thanks to our generous sponsors: The Glasshouse, for this spectacular venue, Acorn Blue for their contribution to poster printing, and to the Sligo Arts Service for our operating grant. See you there!

Last year 800 to 1000 people collaborated with the SLIGLOW team of artists for Sligo’s Culture Night , making SLIGLOW the Sunday Independant’s pick for Culture Night 2009! It was wonderful to hear from so many of you that you enjoyed that evening – so this year we’ve got a brand new challenge:  a team of artists and light writers will collaborate with people of all ages to “light write” (also called “light graffiti” or “light painting”). Using lights, glowsticks and movement we will all make pure light trails while cameras film them and then project each light work onto the city. Each creation will be unique – and a wonderful chance to light up Culture Night 2010.

About the artist presenters:

lisa_thumbLisa Vandegrift Davala
Darren Carr
justin_thumbJustin Knecht
Tara Lewis