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Check out these SLIGLOW pics

In addition to the gallery of photos below, have a look at pix.ie/sliglow. There’s still more to come! This event would not have been possible without the help of the core team of Lisa Vandegrift Davala, Darren Carr, Justin Knecht and Tara Lewis. Answering the call were also Arlo Liddy, Robert Siberry, Cormac McConville, Cian […]

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Light Entertainment

DJGNET!C‘s  electronica and dub step remixes will keep the crowd on their feet and the lights glowing. After a test run at the Glasshouse, we’ve got the live video projection, light writing and a 40 foot light sculpture wall ready to go. A team of artists and light writers will be working with the crowd […]

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Last year 800 to 1000 people collaborated with the SLIGLOW team of artists for Sligo’s Culture Night , making SLIGLOW the Sunday Independant’s pick for Culture Night 2009! It was wonderful to hear from so many of you that you enjoyed that evening – so this year we’ve got a brand new challenge:  a team […]

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SLIGLOW ‘Building Bridges’ in Regensburg, Germany

Kuenstlerhaus-Andreas-Stadel, Regensburg, Germany, 25th October The Andreas-Stadel-Building is an historic achitectural monument dating from 1634 situated in the world heritage medieval town of Regensburg. Close to the river Danube, the building was used for trading and storing salt up until the 19th century. Extensive renovations were completed in 2003 under guidance Mr Albert Payer of […]

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More SLIGLOW photos

These great photos were taken by Darren Carr at the SLIGLOW event. Thanks for joining us on Culture Night Sligo!

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Photo credit: Justin Knecht The turn out tonight was beyond our wildest expectations. Thank you to all who came to SLIGLOW, and a special thanks to Mood Indigo and Yvonne Cunningham for the gorgeous notes that wove through the light, line and laughter tonight. Families, artists, friends and visitors from all parts came to enjoy […]

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The Glasshouse

Our spectacular SLIGLOW setting, The Glasshouse, will be a familiar landmark to Sligo area residents. Designed by Vincent Hannon Architects, it’s unique form has been described as cutting edge (I love the pun!) funky and colourful, evoking a ship docked at the harbor. Located at the heart of Sligo city, The Glasshouse overlooks the crashing weir […]

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Thanks Pat!

SLIGLOW’s posters are hot off the press thanks to our sponsors Pat Kearney and everyone at Acorn Blue Printing on Mail Coach Road. We’ll be toting the super-sized one Pat made up specially for us to the upcoming press event. Don’t forget to look inside your Bag of Culture (which you can grab at any […]

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Mood Indigo Glows

Sligo’s newest Jazz Group Mood Indigo perform standards, ballads and latin jazz classics. Yvonne Cunningham (vocals), Jim Meehan (guitar), Tony Travers (drums), Patrick Cereghetti (bass), and Anthony Tohill (guitar), are set to Glow at the Glasshouse, View Bar level, for SLIGLOW, Culture Night, September 25th, 7-10 PM.

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Tiffany Glass Author To Kick Off SLIGLOW at 4PM on the 25th

Geraldine Williams will be in town wrapping up research for her book on Sligo native, Sarah Hanley who was Louis Comfort Tiffany’s Last Muse, and artistic collaborator during the golden era of Tiffany Glass. Ms. Williams, who is an artist, art therapist and educator as well as an accomplished author, first fell in love with […]

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